4 Ways to Style the New Look Bodysuit

Dramatic tattoo embroidery. A sexy silhouette. A jaw-dropping deep V-back. The new curve-hugging Look Bodysuit exudes sheer mystery, style and seduction. Jaws will drop. Heads will turn.

But can real women actually pull off this runway-worthy look?

Though intimidating at first glance, this striking one-piece is not only wearable for us non-supermodels, it’s delightfully comfortable and completely versatile.

How do we know? We asked Simone Perele Bra Fitters to tell us how they’ve been wearing it this fall. From blazers and high-waisted pants to LBD’s, this is one wardrobe piece that’s got staying power.

How to Wear the Look Bodysuit:

Tip: The Look Bodysuit can be worn solo, over a plunge bra, or for the complete effect—over the Look Push-Up (front closure with optional halter straps).

Be A Sheer Style Maven: This bodysuit is too stunning not to reveal… if only just a hint in a certain light. Wear it under a black sheer or semi-sheer blouse to create an air of mystery.

Elevate the Look of Your LBD (Little Black Dress): Your LBD has a new little secret. The curve-hugging bodysuit, paired with the Look Push-Up, makes a striking ensemble under your favorite black dress. Low back anyone? Show-stopping gorgeous.

Set Your Style A-Blaze: Layer this wildly stylish bodysuit under a classic black blazer and it will give the entire outfit a cool, chic vibe. Pair it with a slim high-waisted pant or pencil skirt for a polished-but-sexy look.

Go Graphic in Black and White: Wear the Look Bodysuit under a structured white button-down shirt tucked into high-waisted black paints or a black leather skirt for a graphic update on a timeless color combination. Subtle peek-a-boo embroidery makes for a chic update on your usual white button-down shirt.


How to “Lunch” Like the French

There is something deliciously luxurious about a leisurely lunch, complete with good company and a delicious glass of wine, that begs to be experienced. It’s as if time stops and nothing exists beyond the joyful hum of conversation shared over a beautiful meal. These are the things that nourish the soul.

Having spent my summers in either Provence or la Bretagne (Brittany) since I was born, this comes naturally to me. Though I must admit, my daily pace seems far more conducive to a grab-and-go lunch than a two-hour tête-à-tête.

Whether you’re on vacation, enjoying a leisurely weekend, or in need of a longer pause from the work day, here’s my recipe to embracing lunch à la française:

  1. Stop the Clock. Try a little experiment: Toss your 15-minute lunch habit à la fenêtre (out the window) and stop the clock. For a couple of hours, disconnect from your to-do list (and your phone) and live in the moment, unrushed and unfussed. Unravel the experience in small steps, savoring course by course, sip by sip, and pausing in between to take it all in.
  1. Sip Wine with Lunch. Of course, we all know that wine heightens the flavors of a meal, but that doesn’t seem à propos when we’re grabbing a quick sandwich or salad. A glass of wine completes the stop-and-enjoy experience.
  1. Multiply Your Courses. There’s something beautiful about the way a meal naturally unravels when enjoyed over multiple courses. Stimulate your palate with small courses that satisfy each of your senses. Here’s an échantillon (sampling): a colorful tomato and basil salad drizzled with olive oil and sea salt, a delicious smelling caramelized tarte à l’oignon (onion tart), a few crisp leaves of salad accompanied by a selection of cheeses, and a cool scoop of sorbet framboise. Ahhh, je rêve (I’m dreaming)! All accompanied by the sound of a crispy baguette being broken.
  1. End with a Café. You’ve laughed, you’ve sipped, you’ve relished every bite… but there’s more. In France, the typical way to close the palate is with a small espresso. The ritual is a brilliant way to end the meal on the right note. You leave the table satisfied and the kitchen is closed; no snacking or hovering over your fridge until dinnertime. Fini!

Bon appétit!

How to Get Saint Tropez-Style Beach Waves


Brigitte Bardot rocked French-approved beach waves in the 60’s

No place sizzles like Saint Tropez in summer. The sun is ablaze, the rosé is flowing and the jetsetters are superbly chic. Picture-perfect beaches, oceanside bistros and expansive yachts are speckled with French A-listers turning up the heat in the season’s most coveted styles, complete with oversized sunglasses and effortlessly tousled beach hair.

Carefree and sexy, beach waves have a signature summer vibe that’s ultra-wearable for day or night. To recreate the look, I consulted with my friend, editorial hair stylist, Montana Sutton.

Here’s how to create Saint Tropez-style beach waves:

90124b831a4b31fe21516ab8fbd92ea1Step 1: Start with damp hair and mist your favorite styling spray for texture and volume.

Step 2: Flip your head upside down and scrunch your hair from ends to roots.

Step 3: Flip your head back up and continue to scrunch as hair air dries.

Step 4: Once hair is completely dry, mist lightly with medium hold hair spray. Remember to hold hair spray at least ten inches away from hair.

Step 5: Take large sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel of a curling iron, leaving the ends loose (do not clamp the iron onto hair), to create loose natural waves.

Step 6: After curls cool, run your fingers through your hair to loosen curls and create a tousled wave look.

Marion Cotillard put her own spin on brunette beach waves with a stylish updo

Marion Cotillard put her own spin on brunette beach waves with a stylish updo

Voilà! Now all that’s missing is a bronzed glow and a private yacht. Send me a postcard from Saint Tropez, s’il vous plait!




5 Ways to Feel More Confident In A Bathing Suit

16_Elya_1AVB15_323-105 A - CopySummer is all about loving life, reveling in sun-kissed days and carefree moments among friends. But somehow all that can come to a halt at the thought of stepping into a skin-baring bathing suit. So every year as summer approaches, I make a point to shift my perspective and step into the season with confidence.

Here are my tried-and-true tips for owning your bathing suit body this season.

  1. Customize Your Suit for Your Curves. One size doesn’t fit all in bras and panties—and this rule applies to swimsuits as well. Take the time to find a swimsuit that flatters your unique shape with bra sizing and different top and bottom sizes. Consider the colors that are most becoming on your skin tone. Need a second opinion? Bring a trusted friend who can help guide you.
  1. Love the Skin You’re In. Glowing, sun-kissed skin has a way of forgiving our petites imperfections. Begin by exfoliating your whole body using an at-home scrub—or better yet, visit the spa for a luxurious exfoliating treatment. Then, use a gradual self-tanner for a lightly bronzed look. Finally, hydrate your skin with a creamy body moisturizer. Looking for an extra hydrating boost? Apply a body oil (such as coconut oil) all over while you’re in the shower. The steam will help the oil penetrate into your skin for a radiant ooh-la-la glow.
  1. Get Summer-Ready Feet. Before slipping into your swimsuit, take a few steps to pamper and polish your feet. Opt for a regular pedicure throughout the summer. In between visits, refresh your feet with a mini at-home pedicure and new polish—and if you’d like to see quick improvement (and sleep better), give your feet a mini massage just before bedtime.
  1. Be Posture Perfect. Perfecting your posture has an instant slimming effect on your silhouette; and it’s a natural confidence booster. That’s right—standing in a posture of confidence, whether you’re actually feeling your best with or not, has an effect on the brain that shapes the way you feel and affects how others see you. This age old trick, now backed by scientific research, is useful for everything from business interviews to beaches!
  1. Accessorize Your Look. Just because you’re in a bathing suit, doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are 3 accessories that finish your look and exude that oh-so-french elegance and confidence: a chic wide-brimmed sunhat, effortless-cool sunglasses, and a fabulous beach bag.

Now put on your favorite swim suit, sunglasses, a swipe of lipstick, and own the beach!

How to Prolong the Life of Your Bras

iStock_000016216548_Large - Copy




You’ve invested in beautiful bras that fit you comme un rêve (like a dream), so it’s only natural to want to keep them that way for as long as possible. Here are my tried-and-true bra care tips to making your investment last:

  1. Invest in Quality. Not all bras are created equal. The simple truth is that great-fitting, high quality bras made with superior materials are going to last much longer than their one-fit-wonder cousins. A well-made bra lasts for about 100-125 wears, assuming they’re well care for, whereas “short fit life” bras can lose their shape after just a few wears.
  1. Have a Few Bras on Rotation. The golden rule of bra care is to never wear the same bra two days à la suite (in a row). Giving your bra a break allows it to recover from being stretched during the day (yes, being a bra is hard work). I always recommend women have at least 4 or 5 great everyday bras to rotate. Have a favorite? Buy them in multiples.
  1. Store with Care. Spring is the perfect time of year to refresh and reorganize your lingerie. Once you’ve tossed any tattered and très loved bras, store your remaining favorites with love and care. T-shirt, padded or push-up bras can be stacked one behind the other. (This may come as a surprise, but do not fold them in half, as this will damage the cups and twist the center gore). Lacy and unlined bras can be stored separately, folded in half with the straps tucked inside. Limited on drawer space? Try hanging bras on wall hooks or hangers for easy access.
  1. Pack with Precision. Ever packed a suitcase, admired your meticulous packing job, and then had to squish in your bras and panties? Here are a few tips for properly packing your underpinnings: Buy a bra travel case (yes, they exist!). Though the result is a little bulkier, it’s a sure way to project your bras (and allow for easy access on the go). For last minute packers, stack bras one behind the other and stash socks or panties behind them to hold the cup shape. Pack near the top or edge of your suitcase to avoid
  1. Hand Wash: The best way to wash a bra is by hand. Use a mild detergent designed for lingerie and soak in lukewarm water (except for black or bold colors, which should be washed in cool water) and soak your lingerie for 30 minutes. Rinse, pat try (don’t wring or squeeze) and hang dry or lay flat. Be sure to wash similarly-colored bras together to maintain their color. Hang (over the center core to avoid stretching the band) or lay flat to dry. Ne pensez meme pas (don’t even THINK) about tumble drying!

A little love goes a long way to happy bras and happy curves!

4 Style Pieces that Rock in Fuchsia

02_CELESTE_12M250&12M710_321_0056 1 - reduced - CopyIt’s no secret that fuchsia is a force to be reckoned with. Bold, commanding and fiercely feminine, a pop of fuchsia has an instant va-va-voom effect that’s thrilling, glamorous and wildly seductive.

Since a full-tilt fuchsia outfit simply won’t do (this blog is about French lifestyle not Barbie style), I’ve selected the 4 pieces that bring out the best of the racy hue—while still maintaining chic elegance:

1. THE BRA. Nothing exudes sexy chic like a fuchsia-colored lace bra and panty set. You’ll feel gorgeous from the inside out!

How to Rock It: Perfect for summer days and layering under sleeveless tops and dresses—or wow for date night with fuchsia lace under a LBD.

2. THE LIP. The season’s lip color du jour is so more than just another pretty pink. Bold and bright, fuchsia lipstick has the power to transform a plain-Jane outfit into something edgy and chic.

How to Rock It: Think of a fuchsia lip more as an accessory than a beauty look. Balance it with a minimum of accessories, such as a simple gold necklace or studs (no statement jewelry) and neutral tones. Tip: Wearing a fuchsia lip is a lot like creating a red lip: it’s about precision and balance. Prep lips with a touch of nude concealer to create a neutral base and layer with fuchsia lipstick in a matte finish.

3. THE BLAZER. Fuchsia lends an edgy twist to the classic blazer. Ultra-versatile, this is one spring/summer statement piece that speaks for itself.

How to Rock It:  Pair a fuchsia blazer with neutral tones such as beige, tan, gray or olive green (sounds odd but it’s a brilliant combo!). Word of caution: steer clear of bright whites or all-black, as they tend to make fuchsia look even brighter.

4.THE SPRING SWEATER. There’s something unexpected and seductive about a breezy sweater in sizzling fuchsia.

How to Rock It: Layer a loose fuchsia sweater over skinny jeans, or style a fitted fuchsia knit with a flowing skirt or stylish shorts. Again, pair it with muted tones (khaki, beige, olive, navy and gray are all game).

Whether you’re slightly wild at heart, feel pretty in pink, or simply in need of a style refresh, give one of these a try… and rock it with confidence!

5 Things to Do this Weekend to Live Like the French

Plotting your weekend plans? Infuse some French joie-de-vivre (joy of living) into your activities. Here are 6 FrenchYoung trendy Parisian woman in the street-approved ways to spend your weekend.

  1. Go Unplugged. Put away your cell phone and embrace a mostly tech-free weekend. It’s amazing how much time we gain, and how much richer the day can be when our personal antennas are tuned to the world around us. Need a little extra motivation? Go cell-free for a good cause.
  1. Have an Apéritif. After a hectic week, my favorite way to shed stress and start the weekend is with an apéritif. This brilliant French ritual involves a glass of wine or other drink with a small snack (think olives or nuts) before dinner. It’s about sitting down and taking une petite pause between the day’s activities and dinner. Enjoy an aperitif solo, with your chéri, or with friends. Santé! (Cheers)
  1. Be a Lady of Leisure. Toss your checklist, ditch your morning gym class, turn off your phone and let your day unfold naturally, à la française. Take inspiration from Parisians, who spend much of their weekends in cafés chatting with a friend or lover, reading a book in the park, or enjoying a long, stress-free lunch. (The French wear watches, but only as accessories). Whatever you decide to do, do it unrushed, unfussed, and for the sheer pleasure of it.
  1. Get a Hair Cut. Few things are as refreshing as a hair cut. Whereas many American women often go six months or longer before trimming their tresses (you know who you are), French women make a point of going at least every two to three months to keep their hair healthy, shiny and en vogue (in fashion). Plus, a great hair cut reduces blow-drying and maintenance, so you can spend a few more moments enjoying your morning café and croissant…
  1. Cook Like a French Woman. Make a date with your kitchen and lose yourself in a passionate encounter with a new (or favorite) recipe. Choose rich, mouth-watering ingredients (preferably picked up from your local market) and taste as you go. The recipe doesn’t need to be complicated—just delectable. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with an amoureux (lover) or friend over a bottle of wine.
  1. Go for a Stroll. Put on your favorite flats, a swipe of lipstick, classic trench and go for a stroll. It’s not about the exercise (though I’ll take the calorie deficit, thank you), but about taking in the world around you in a new light, clearing your mind and rebalancing your energy. A walk is also about seeing—and being seen—so I don’t want to hear a single word about sweatpants!

Bon week-end!