What a French Woman Wears to Seduce: The Secrets of Lingerie

21_PERELE_12R500_015-2132The French woman’s relationship with “la lingerie” is second nature… simply effortless. Yet the art of French lingerie is in fact quite deliberate, and even strategic, having been cultivated and refined by generations of women (with the helpful feedback of their male counterparts, of course). The result is a culture that has perfected seduction through lingerie… and a country of women who know exactly how to wear it.

Here are 5 rules for wearing lingerie like a French woman:

Rule 1: Don’t Show Everything. For the French, lingerie is about artfully covering the body, hiding just enough to tease the senses. What you cover, how your cover it, and with what—is the key to the game of seduction. This is important to note, as American culture tends to focus more on showing than covering, with lingerie that exposes, magnifies and overemphasizes. Lingerie is about adorning the body, not uncovering it, so take pleasure in the process.

Rule 2: Be Bold. If we are to establish a new relationship with lingerie and expand our repertoire, we must be willing to take a few bold steps. Give your nude t-shirt bras “quelques moments de repos” (a few moments of rest) and flirt with new styles, colors and fabrics that seduce the senses and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Slip into silk or lace. Indulge in detail: scalloped edges, eyelash trim, silk bows, decorated straps or embellished embroidery. You may just shake a few old habits and discover a new side of your sensuality.

Rule 3: Don’t Suffer. Corset and lingerie maker Simone Perele lived by the philosophy: “A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and being beautiful… she can have it all.” A bra may be sinfully seductive, but if it isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t fit well, you won’t exude confidence. Take the extra steps to ensure you have a perfect fit and the right support (a professional fitting), the right style for your shape, and high quality, supple fabrics. Tip: the brand is as important as the bra, so do a bit of exploring!

Amour Demi Peacock FW13Rule 4: Embrace your lace. “La dentelle” (lace) is to the French woman’s lingerie wardrobe as flour is to the baguette. It is the ultimate “peekaboo” game, adorning the skin with sensual designs that reveal just enough to drive a man simply wild with désir. However, the first step to embracing your lace is to toss the misconception that all lace is uncomfortable and unsupportive. The truth is that the French have mastered the art of beautifully-made lace, making it supremely wearable for all shapes and sizes.

Rule 5: Wear It With Confidence. Wearing beautiful lingerie by itself does not seduce; it must be paired with complete and unapologetic confidence. When a woman is “bien dans sa peau” (good in her skin), she exudes a mysterious allure that is undeniably irresistible.

Above all, remember that the more you love the way you look, the more he will too (maybe you’ll even hear a soft “ooh la la” whispered in your ear)…

2 thoughts on “What a French Woman Wears to Seduce: The Secrets of Lingerie

  1. What I love most about French lingerie and Simone Perele is how the lingerie adorns a woman body. Many of the American brands of lingerie consist of big foam padded bras that seem to me to be emulating surgical augmentation. Rather than making a woman feel good about her body, I think these foam rubber monstrosities contribute to poor self esteem and self confidence.

    Ultimately, the purpose of lingerie is to build up to the moment of the grand reveal. But rather than a sense of excitement when these things are taken off there’s a sense of let down. And in more ways than one! Plus, a man can’t really feel the real thing through them. And where’s the fun in that?


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